FINEM India, NHI California,
ACNEM Australia.

Founder & Chairman: RGM Health Care.
Director: Wellness Solutions Bangalore.
Member: Ayush India & Dubai
Member: INMA India
Member: OFI India.

He has done his fellowship in Nutrition and Environmental Medicines (FINEM-India), Nutrition Therapy (ACNEM Australia) and Principles of Nutrition (NHI California USA.)

His speciality lies in Chelation (ACNEM Australia).

His expertise lies in treatment for Lifestyle Disorders (Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Arthritis, Thyroid, Sexual Disorders etc). Evidence based scientific approach is his strength.



Cancer is a free radical effect by our immune system which affects some individuals more than the others...

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Allergy is a hypersensitive reaction initiated by our immune system which affects some individuals more than the others....

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Cure Autism

Autism is a mental condition which is present in an individual from early childhood. This is characterized by the indivi...

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Heart Disease

Heart disease is the largest cause of death today. High blood pressure, cholesterol and coronary artery diseases lead t...

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Diabetes is considered a global epidemic affecting every region and in all sections of society. We believe that diabete...

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