Corporate health Program

Many studies have confirmed that wellness programs can have a positive impact on an organization’s business results. Since employees are the backbone of any organization it is vital to first consider their health and wellbeing. We help the organization to:
Create a culture of wellness and healthy living.
Increase the employees’ overall health and in turn increase their productivity.
More the organization cares about its employees’ health; more loyal their employees will be. We offer a tailored comprehensive wellness program after analyzing your specific needs. Our programs are also designed to integrate smoothly with any existing health programs.

Public Health Program

We have launched many successful Public Health Programs that aims at preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting holistic wellness. We have an organized and proactive approach towards launching these programs. Our aim is to reach many more people across the globe to transform their health and in turn transform their lives.

Fellowship for Doctors

Good doctors treat the illness and a great doctor treats the patient who has the illness. Building skilled health practitioners is akin to building safety nets below trapeze artists. They ensure that our word has healthy and productive individuals. We run a number of fellowship programs for doctors to keep them abreast with the current healthcare s...

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Public Health Education

Awareness is half the cure. It is vital to promote heath awareness and education among people so that they are self-aware and are able to identify symptoms that could possibly cause concerns. In catching symptoms early, individuals can avoid potentially life-threatening conditions. Knowledge on basic healthcare regimes and first aid will also help ...

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Certificate Programs in Nutritional Medicine

Nutritional Medicine is a science that studies the interactions between the nutritional factors and the human body. These interactions are applied clinically to maintain optimal health, prevent and treat diseases. In collaboration with ‘Indian Nutritional Medicine Association’ we have launched the Certificate Programs in Nutritional Medicine.

School Health Program

Inculcating healthy behaviors during childhood is a lot easier and effective than trying to change unhealthy behaviors during adulthood. Today’s many deadly diseases can be significantly reduced by helping children fostering good habits and positive lifestyles at an early age. We focus on both health awareness and education in a way that will rea...

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